Personal Data Visualization

In the fall of 2021, amid the persistent shadows of the pandemic, I embarked on a journaling journey, meticulously chronicling my activities over a span of 14 days, from September 23rd to October 6th. This endeavor, initially conceived as a mere school assignment, evolved into an eye-opening exploration of my time, revealing intricate patterns and […]

Graphic Translation

Despite my limited drawing skills, I have learned a valuable technique in graphic design known as Graphic Translation. This method allows me to recreate images, even without intricate artistic abilities. I have come to appreciate that it is one of the most useful tools in the field of graphic design, enabling me to craft logos, […]

TCFC | Social Media

Since its establishment in 2012, Thimphu City FC has been a prominent professional football club competing in Bhutan’s elite league. Throughout their journey, they consistently remained strong contenders for the title, consistently finishing within the top three positions. Despite being one of the largest sporting clubs in the country, a lack of reliable income stream […]