Topo Chico

Topo Chico

The primary goal of this project was to craft a compelling marketing campaign for Topo Chico, a delightful carbonated water from Mexico now available in the US through Coca Cola. With the objective of creating a fresh approach for the product, I was entrusted to develop a new headline and tagline that would resonate with the audience and elevate the brand’s appeal.

Recognizing that carbonated water offers the same hydrating benefits as plain water but provides a more satisfying thirst-quenching experience, I came up with the headline “Don’t be Bland.” This powerful and direct message seeks to emphasize the importance of choosing a better option when available. The tagline “Only for those looking to liven up” serves as a compelling support, intriguing potential consumers and inviting them to explore the invigorating qualities of Topo Chico.

Building on the brand’s historical use of orange and yellow colors, the marketing campaign incorporates a splash of vibrant hues, evoking the energy of a dazzling dance performance that breathes life into the drink. This visual representation not only complements the product’s refreshing nature but also adds a captivating touch to the overall marketing strategy.

Bus shelter advertisement designed for Topo Chico

The Campaign

Topo Chico will be hosting an exciting free-throw contest at Dundas Square in collaboration with the Raptors. A custom arcade hoop with a drink vending machine will be set up at the location, providing a unique and thrilling experience for participants.

Participants will have one minute to showcase their shooting skills and aim to score as many successful shots as possible. The number of baskets made will determine the number of Topo Chico bottles they’ll receive as a reward for their impressive accuracy. It will be a fun-filled opportunity for everyone to show off their basketball prowess and win some refreshing Topo Chico beverages.

Moreover, for those skilled shooters who manage to score five or more points, an exclusive treat awaits them. They will receive a complimentary ticket to a thrilling Raptors game, providing them with an unforgettable live basketball experience.

This event will serve as a fantastic opportunity for basketball fans to come together, celebrate their love for the sport, and enjoy the refreshing taste of Topo Chico. The collaboration with the Raptors will add an extra layer of excitement, making it an unmissable occasion for sports enthusiasts and Topo Chico fans alike.

The image displayed below features the custom model of the arcade basketball machine, thoughtfully designed using Adobe Dimension. This innovative creation showcases a unique combination of an arcade basketball game and a vending machine. The base of the machine is ingeniously transformed into a vending station that will dispense refreshing Topo Chico bottles based on the performances of the participants in the basketball game.

The concept behind this custom model aims to enhance the overall experience of the free-throw contest, merging the excitement of playing the game with the anticipation of winning Topo Chico beverages. As participants engage in the basketball challenge, their successful shots will directly influence the number of Topo Chico bottles they receive as rewards for their shooting accuracy.

The visually appealing and functional design of this custom arcade basketball machine adds an exciting element to the contest, attracting participants and spectators alike. The fusion of gameplay and beverage dispensing makes this experience truly one-of-a-kind, creating an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

Ad Banner

During the final phase of the project, I worked on creating five distinct sizes of online advertisements for the product. While the images displayed here may not precisely match the exact sizes mentioned below, the proportions have been accurately maintained to provide a clear idea of the final design.

The sizes, in no particular order, are:

  • Wide Skyscraper: 160×600
  • Medium Rectangle: 300×250
  • Half page: 300×600
  • Full Screen Mobile: 320×480
  • Billboard: 975×250


The online advertisements feature captivating visuals, engaging copy, and consistent branding elements to reinforce the product’s identity and message across different platforms. The purposeful design aims to capture the attention of the target audience and drive interest in the product, ultimately leading to increased awareness and potential conversions.


Please note that this project was completed as part of school work and does not reflect any real-life projects or involvement with the mentioned brand(s). The use of brand names in this context is purely for academic and educational purposes and does not imply any actual association or endorsement. This project was a simulated exercise aimed at developing skills and knowledge within the academic setting. Any resemblance to real brands or projects is purely coincidental.