Stories, Essays & Drawings

Stories, Essays & Drawings

One of the meaningful projects I had the privilege to work on for Save The Children Bhutan is a captivating book for children. This special book serves as a compilation of stories, essays, and drawings submitted by talented students from primary school to higher secondary levels. These young writers and artists participated in a competition organized by Save The Children Bhutan, showcasing their creativity and imagination.

The book is a celebration of the unique voices and perspectives of these young minds, featuring their remarkable works that encompass a wide range of themes and emotions. As a visual communicator, my role in this project was to carefully design and layout the book, ensuring that each piece of writing and artwork received the attention it deserved.

The primary objective of the project was to infuse the book with a dynamic and enjoyable essence, capturing the true spirit of a children’s book. Given its target audience, it was essential to create a vibrant and engaging experience that would captivate young readers and ignite their curiosity.

To achieve this, I opted for a palette of bright and lively colors, adding an element of playfulness to the book’s visual language. The random shapes and illustrations used throughout the pages not only exude a sense of whimsy but also effectively depict the theme of the competition, “Disaster Risk Reduction,” in a child-friendly manner.

For the headers and text, I carefully selected typefaces that possess an organic and handwritten feel, further enhancing the book’s childlike charm and approachability. Additionally, I implemented color-coding techniques to group related categories together, allowing for easy navigation and organization within the book.