30-Days Logo Design

30-Days Logo Design

In the spring of 2020, during our first semester at Seneca, the outbreak of the covid-19 virus swept the world like wildfire. In response, lockdown measures became necessary to combat the unknown enemy. As classes transitioned online, many lost their jobs, and movements were restricted to essential purposes only. With limited in-house activities, keeping ourselves engaged became increasingly challenging. It was during this time that six of us, first-year graphic design students at Seneca, came up with a brilliant idea – the 30-day logo challenge.

Amidst the uncertainty and isolation, we decided to embark on this creative journey together. The challenge was to design a logo every day for 30 days, pushing our skills and imagination to new heights. Each day brought forth a unique concept, and as we progressed, our creativity blossomed. The logos showcased our growth as designers and allowed us to explore various styles, ideas, and visual storytelling.

Certainly! I invite you to explore my 30 logos by using the left and right arrows. Each logo represents a unique journey of creativity and growth, as I embraced the challenges and opportunities presented to me. From the initial concepts to the final designs, this project has been a remarkable exploration of artistic expression and graphic design. 

Before posting them here, I made minor refinements to a few of the original logos.

Undoubtedly, devising a new design solution is always a challenge. However, what made this experience exceptionally grueling was receiving the unexpected project topic early in the morning, with only a 24-hour deadline, and repeating this process for 30 consecutive days.

Nevertheless, I am sincerely grateful for having participated in this demanding challenge. It proved to be a transformative journey that expanded the breadth and depth of my creativity. Through the ups and downs, I honed my skills and embraced the opportunity to think creatively under pressure.

In the end, I emerged with a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing that this challenge had a lasting impact on my creative abilities. The lessons learned and the growth achieved during these 30 days will undoubtedly enrich my future design endeavors.